Utah mountain and ski resort real estate continues to heat up

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Utah Ski Country Real Estate Comparative Statistics: Click here for the latest Utah Ski Country Real Estate Comparative Statistics for the past six months, including Number of Units Sold, Median Sales Price, % of Original Listing Price, Median Price Per Square Foot, and Median Days on the Market. This data is organized by ski resort area.

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Real Estate in the mountains and ski resorts of Utah continues to heat up, as units sold and median sales prices rise while average days on the market fall.  Conditions vary depending on the area and resort – you can check comparative sales and property related statistics on Utah Ski Country Real Estate Comparative Statistics.

Across all of Utah there has been a dramatic turn-around in real estate sales predictions from Housing Predictor, an online real estate news and forecasting site.  In March of this year markets across the state were forecast to suffer still lower prices in 2012, from a negative 4.2% in Logan to a negative 3.4% in Salt Lake City. On Tuesday, September 11, the forecast had been reversed and a climb in prices across the state was predicted, from a positive 2.7% in Provo down to .5% in Logan.

Housing Predictor attributes the turn-around to “bulging home sales driven by near record low mortgage rates, better employment levels than many other states and the lowest home prices in years.”

The forecasting site also states that fewer discount priced foreclosures are pressuring home values with a tighter inventory of homes for buyers.

For those who have been watching property prices and availability in the mountains and ski resorts, the time may have come to make a move.  As property prices rise, the number of desirable, available properties will drop as buyers who have been waiting on the sidelines jump in to avoid even higher prices.  As there have been very few spec homes built over the past five years, the inventory could drop rapidly and put even more upward pressure on prices.

Ski season is just around the corner.  With prospective buyers in the mountains and resorts, markets could heat up quickly.  Particularly in light of the fact that the 2012 election will be decided, the economy will hopefully continue it’s slow improvement, and prospective buyers will have a clearer idea of what the next four years will hold.


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