Ogden, Utah ranked #2 Ski Town by Powder Magazine

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 Powder Magazine ranks Ogden, Utah as the the # 2 ski town in North America, and National Geographic gushes that it’s a “Disneyland for adrenalized adults.”

According to a feature in the November issue of Powder, one of the ski industry’s iconic and most highly respected publications, Ogden is ranked ahead of all but one of the country’s cities or towns with ski resorts practically at their doorstep.

The Standard Examiner, Ogden’s daily newspaper, states in an article by Mitch Shaw that Powder’s criteria was based on a number of variables, including location, cost and terrain.  Shaw goes on to relate that the magazine “worked with an unnamed M.I.T. student to develop an algorithm to determine the amount of snow per person at the 32 locations named in the magazine.”

The article goes on to quote Mike Rogge, managing editor of Powder Magazine, related to the criteria for their conclusions.  “Lots of skiable acreage and low skier visits yield higher scores.  The best days to ski are deep ones that aren’t tracked out by noon.  The Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan area is the second-largest in Utah, but you wouldn’t know it from visiting Snowbasin or Powder Mountain.  We wanted to find out, if you were going on a ski trip for three days or a week or even a month, where would you want to go. Ogden came out as the second-best place to ski.  You’ll have these fantastic powder days, and there will be nobody around. You get much more bang for your buck in Ogden.”

According to the magazine, as stated in the Standard Examiner article, Powder Mountain has over 7,000 skiable acres and Snowbasin over 3,000.  The newpaper also quotes Mike Caldwell, mayor of Ogden.  “It validates what we as a city have been talking about for a long time.  Ogden is a world-class venue for outdoor recreation.”

National Geographic’s website has a section on Adventure Towns, which further validates Mayor Caldwell’s comments.  “If there’s a disneyland for adrenealized adults, it’s Ogden.”  The online feature goes on to list the numerous man-made thrills in the city that compliment the amazing natural recreational opportunities of the Wasatch range, which literally rises straight up from Ogden neighborhoods.

Considering the natural beauty, 30 minute drive to Salt Lake City International Airport, low cost of living, sophisticated health care industry, and relatively vibrant economy – it’s a great time to check out the terrific, but rapidly vanishing deals on homes, condos and land.  The housing market is on its way back in the Ogden area.

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